Install an Animated Custom Watch Face on Apple Watch with Clockology

A Pokemon watch? Marvel? Harry Potter? One Piece? Animal Crossing? Zelda? It’s up to you, there really is something for everyone with Clockology! This very practical application finally allows you to have your own animated personalized dial, much more fun and pretty on your Apple Watch!

Users make their own watches and share them with the community, which can change watch faces at any time within seconds. You can also add a pretty colored shell that will complete the animated dial of your choice and a screen protector to further personalize your Apple Watch. Follow the guide below to install your own custom watch face and transform your Apple Watch.

Install your personalized watch face

Install and tune Clockology

First, you need to install the“Clockology” application, it is available for free on the Apple Store.

Once it’s done, head into the “Watch” app from your phone then in “General”, in “Return to watch face” and select “After 1 hour”. In Clockology select “Default” if it is not already.

Find and install a custom watch face

Join the Clockology Fans Facebook group, it makes it easier to find watch faces already created by users. You will also find guides to create your own watch face. You will be accepted into the group within a few seconds to 5 minutes.

When it’s done, use the search tool located at the top right of the Facebook group and insert a keyword that corresponds to the theme of the watch face you are looking for. In the example, I’m going to look for a Pokémon dial.

When you have found the dial you like, download it via the link in the publication. You can either download it from a computer or from your phone but you must store it on your phone and then open it with Clockology by pressing the import button.

Once you’ve opened your new watch face with Clockology, simply press the button to the right of the watch face which will send the watch face to your Apple Watch. All you have to do is launch the Clockology application on your Apple Watch and wait a few seconds to see your new dial appear!

Why when I tap on a notification, the screen returns to that of the Apple Watch?

The solution to avoid the problem is to simply press once on what Apple calls the “Digital Crown” when you receive a notification: this is the cog-shaped button normally used to set the time on a watch.

This button will generally return to the last open application if pressed once.

Selection of Clockology watch faces

Some examples of dials that I tested and that I really like. If you have any recommendations for me, please let me know in the comments!

As a reminder, you must join the Clockology Facebook group to access the download link for the watch faces.

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