In your opinion, how many iPhone versions are there in the Apple range in 2022?

Who remembers the grid of products presented by Steve Jobs when he returned to Apple in the 90s?

Four great Mac families… in 1998

Admittedly, at the time Apple had neither iPod, nor iPhone, nor iPad, but the CEO of Apple wanted rationalize the number of products and targeting, among 4 main categories : Desktop/laptop on one side and General Public/Professional on the other.

Certainly, for each machine, there were several configurations (RAM, HDD, CPU, GPU…) but the number of models was extremely limited. Today, just in the range macthere are the iMac M1, the Mac mini, the MacBook Air M1, the MacBook Air M2, the MacBook Pro M1, the MacBook Pro M2, the MacBook Pro 14, the MacBook Pro 16″, the Mac Studio and the Mac Pro And for each model, imagine the number of variations…

How many iPhones in 2022?

While only one device was presented in 2007 and the following years, when Steve Jobs died (in 2011), there was still only one model (the iPhone 4S) available only on storage and sometimes on color. 10 years later, the inflation in the number of versions affects the Mac as much as the iPhone: iPhone SE, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro… knowing that the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 are still in the catalog. Do the math, with 4 capacities, 5 to 6 colors and often 2 sizes per model, the total number of combinations would not fit in a single suitcase!

In your opinion, how many iPhone versions will there be in the Apple range in 2022?

Indeed, if we take into account the colors and the different storage capacities, the figure climbs to… 136 possible combinations! As noted by our friend Lauran Pantanacce, this demonstrates both the inflation of the number of variations, but also the unprecedented production capacity of Apple, which has never offered so many models at the same time.

In your opinion, how many iPhone versions will there be in the Apple range in 2022?

With the arrival of the iPhone 14, this race for the number of variations should not stop : 2 new models will once again be released (each with 4 storage capacities, 3 to 5 colors and 2 sizes), and Apple should keep the iPhone 13, SE and maybe even the iPhone 11 or 12…

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