In Uzerche (Corrèze), the burger of the Mad Pizza restaurant crowned best in the region

Highlighting an establishment. More than the kitchen equipment prizes promised to the winners, this competition launched on the Internet and launched in full confinement, has the initial aim of highlighting a restaurant. Stéphanie Verrebout and her husband Marco, owners of the Mad Pizza restaurant in Uzerche, registered somewhat by chance on the event’s Facebook page. “The goal was simple: to offer an out-of-the-ordinary burger to our customers and to obtain the most votes afterwards on the internet on the photo posted”, explains Stéphanie Verrebout.

Stéphanie Verrebout moved in with her husband in her new premises last summer.

The visual aspect thus took on all its importance. After two weeks devoted to its development, the famous burger could be added to the restaurant menu. A sweet and savory dish, “but light”, wishes to specify the restaurateur. A blue bread made with a baker from the city, in which cohabit a compote of blackberries and red fruits, Espelette pepper, coriander, mint, cashew nuts, yellow tomatoes, red onions, a Limousin minced steak and Corrèze cheese. “We tried as much as possible to work with local producers”, specifies Stéphanie Verrebout.

A counter for entrepreneurs in Uzerche (Corrèze)

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The first week of June, the competition is launched on the Internet. 100 restaurateurs throughout France take part. Entitled Madcaron, the creation of the restaurant in Uzerche is as attractive on the plates as on the Internet. “The first customers appreciated it”, is satisfied the couple of restaurateurs. From this first stage of the competition, they finished first in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. “It was already a great satisfaction to win this regional stage, many people came to see us for this burger. »

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Among the 13 finalists at the national level, the Uzerchois restaurant came in second place in the final of the competition yesterday. The highest step has not been reached, “but for our first participation, we are very happy”, rejoiced Stéphanie Verrebout when the results were announced.

Sweet and savory, this burger is made with local products.

This second place will allow the restaurant to become better known in the sector. Arrived in 2016 in Uzerche from Aix-en-Provence, the couple moved into their new premises only last summer. “And getting known here is not really the same as in the South, concedes Marco Verrebout. Here, it works a lot by word of mouth. »

Thanks to this new recognition gained by this online competition, restaurateurs hope to attract more customers. Besides, the Madcaron will only stay on the restaurant menu for one last week!

Vincent Faure

Photos: Agnes Gaudin


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