In this time of crisis, Apple is not doing so badly with the iPad

When announcing its financial results, Apple had unveiled a turnover at half mast for the iPad. For a year, the tablet shows a fall of 1.95% with 7.224 billion dollars. In its latest analysis for the second quarter of 2022, Canalys just confirmed this trend. Apparently, at 34.773 million units, tablet (and Chromebook) shipments would drop 10.9% year-on-year for the fourth straight quarter.

With a drop of 14.7%, Apple would not be at the party, even if it would do better than others. Indeed, with 12.102 million units, it would maintain its first place with a share of 34.8% (against 36.4% a year ago). Samsung would still be second with 6.959 million units and a share of 20% (-13%). The honor roll would go to Amazon with an increase of 6.3% and 3.313 million units sold.

These figures are generally to be linked to the end of confinement (the needs for tablets and laptops having been provided) and the current economic situation. According to Himani Mukka, analyst of Canalysthe rapidly declining demand for consumption and education has accelerated the drop in tablet shipments. Inflation and fears of a recession are front and center in consumers’ minds, and tablet spending has stalled as pandemic-era usage levels have declined. Unlike laptops, tablets aren’t vital to business productivity, so business demand hasn’t helped offset lower consumer purchases.

Here is our test of the iPad Air 5!

In this time of crisis, Apple is not doing so badly with the iPad

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