In ‘Stranger Things,’ Argyle’s Pizzeria Number Works For Real

STRANGER THINGS – Nothing is decidedly left to chance in Stranger Things. The Netflix series is indeed full of easter eggs (hidden references) that many fans have fun spotting during broadcasts. Latest example? The phone number, 805-45-PIZZA, listed on the Surfer Boy Pizza truck.

The vehicle is borrowed by one of his employees, Argyle, a colorful new character from this season 4 played by Eduardo Franco, to help his friend Jonathan as well as Will, Mike and Eleven.

The most curious therefore tried to reach this telephone line. Well it took them, since it really exists…well, almost. They were indeed entitled to a pre-recorded message from Argyle himself, in which he indicates how to make a pizza with pineapple while specifying that the pieces of the fruit are canned. A direct reference to one of his dialogues in the series.

As indicated The HuffPost US, who lent himself to the game, the message does not stop there, but the medium leaves it up to the fans to try for themselves. If this is your case in France, you will obviously have to pay additional costs. The number is open to everyone.

The second part of season 4 of Stranger Things, released on Friday July 1, unleashed passions. The last two episodes won over the public, who even shed a few tears during the finale.

The series will end with a fifth season, which does not yet have a release date. A spin-off will also be released. It will however be dissociated from the original story, recalls varietybut should explore the Upside Down (the upside down world) of the series.

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