In Rome, he pays tribute to Elizabeth II with a pizza with tea, cookies and anchovies

In this small Naples pizzeria, pizza maker Daniele Frontoni, head of Pizzeria Frontoni dal 1940, regularly has flashes of genius and surges of imagination when it comes to creating his new pizza recipes. When José Mourinho arrived at the head of the AS Roma football team, he launched a “Special One” pizza in his homage.

Today, it’s a pizza in homage to Queen Elizabeth II that has just put it back in the spotlight. To honor her, he thought of a pizza with tea, biscuits and anchovies, bringing together, more or less, the different culinary pleasures of the late Queen of England.

“Coming from a historic family that actually created Roman pizza, I’m often asked to dedicate my pizzas to someone or something. But I am not just a simple interpreter, I am above all used to communicating what I hear and see through my pizzas”told Daniele Frontoni to the newspaper Il Messaggero.

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