In perfect condition, this Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is offered at a reduced price on Rakuten

This refurbished Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max will make you smile with its very low price on Rakuten right now.

Take advantage of a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max in perfect working order at Rakuten at the price of 1019 euros with a discount of 360 euros or 26% of the initial price. You can also pay in installments from 254 euros per month to make it easier. Your device is fully functional and has a battery of at least 80% of its original capacity.

In addition, the screen has no marks or scratches while the hull may have slight but almost invisible to the naked eye. Its repairability index of 6 out of 10 guarantees you greater flexibility when it comes to repairing it or finding spare parts. You can both save and buy a second-hand device that has already had a first life to avoid waste and support the environment.

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max is at a bargain price in a refurbished version

If you had never thought of refurbished for your next phone, maybe you should give it a try, because right now the price of the refurbished Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is dropping drastically at Rakuten from 1379 euros to 1019 euros on the site with a saving of 360 euros. With its Ceramic Shield glass, the screen is even better protected and up to 4 times more resistant to drops and scratches. Your smartphone can even withstand a slight immersion in water thanks to its IP68 certification. Its chip engraved in 5 nm, A14 Bionic achieves real feats by supporting each of your actions, you open more applications and windows simultaneously, the response time is much better. With the Lidar scanner, you take advantage of augmented reality on certain applications or on the camera to see things in another way. Shoot in Dolby Vision with 60 million more colors and 87% better low-light video.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max Apple refurbished in perfect condition at the price of 1019 euros instead of 1379 euros at Rakuten

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