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In Montpellier, Julien Malta, the grandson of the Palace Pizzeria, saves a year of pizzas

Now based in Saint-Jean-de-Védas, the pizza maker has launched his box of pizzas available 24 hours a day in the Écusson. To make it known, it sets up an original draw via the networks.

Rue des Multipliants, in the heart of the Écusson. To come and get your pizza here, let’s face it, you have to know. The little extra is that they are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Julien Malta and his two partners set up their box there last spring. They had set themselves the goal of selling 300 a month by the end of the year. Mission already accomplished since it leaves on average ten per day. Per day ? Or rather at night. Because night owls and night workers (who go through Uber eats or Deliveroo) have given themselves the word. “People coming home from work or going there. We have the nurse coming back from duty or the security guard. From 2 a.m. to 8 a.m., that’s when she walks the most. We serve at 2 km as the crow flies. That’s all of Montpellier! We deliver as far as the Ganges road. Afterwards, during the day, with all the pizzerias, people go elsewhere.”
Julien has no doubt about it, what also makes it successful is the quality. “I make the pizzas in my restaurant in Saint-Jean-de-Védas, I cook them over a wood fire at 60%. The cooking is finished on site. We supply the box with around fifteen pizzas a day. But often within 24 hours they are gone.”

The memory of Guiseppe and Guiseppa

It must be said that its customers are loyal and, for the oldest, have memories. Julien Malta is the son of Jacques, the grandson of Guiseppe and Guiseppa, the same people who, arriving from Sicily in the early 1960s, opened the Palace Pizzeria in Montpellier in 1965, a real institution that delighted the amateurs until 2018. It is in their honor that he named his establishment Pepe & Pina. Pepe for him, Pina for her. And its very small branch is not to be outdone: Pepe & Pina box. The concept works and the young man and his associates have ideas. The goal is to quickly install two more. And “eventually, ten, at least throughout the metropolis”. For this, it remains to really establish their innovation. There’s nothing like a draw to win a year’s worth of pizzas. Tent ?

The user manual

To participate in the draw organized by Julien Malta, three conditions: subscribe to on Instagram, like and comment by inviting two friends, share in story “without forgetting to identify us”. The deadline is September 25.

“People have a pizza night on average every two weeks. We decided that it will be two pizzas every two weeks. That equals one pizza a week, or 52 pizzas. never heard of it. It’s to make our machine known.”

There will only be one winner. For this time. Because from October, it is expected that the draw will give way to a photo contest. With this time, one winner per week.

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