In a coma after eating a Buitoni pizza, Léna, 12, woke up but suffered from “mental deficiencies” - WORDROM.COM

In a coma after eating a Buitoni pizza, Léna, 12, woke up but suffered from “mental deficiencies”

Following a serious food poisoning, due to the consumption of a Buitoni pizza from the Fraich’Up range, Lena fell into a coma last spring. If she is now out of her coma, she has changed enormously. His parents confided in the microphone of RMC.

Lena hasn’t been the same since February 14, after eating a Buitoni pizza contaminated with E. coli bacteria. The 12-year-old girl ended up in a vegetative state. RMC, which remains in contact with the families of the victims, took stock of the situation with the parents of Lena, Cédric and Sophie, on July 25.

She miraculously comes out of a coma in May

A few days after consuming the Buitoni pizza, Lena had severe stomach pains and she ended up in the emergency room. But her condition had worsened and the teenager had fallen into a coma, recalls The voice of the North. Last April, while Lena was hospitalized in Nancy, her father said: “The neurologists made it clear to us that if someone came to tell us that she would walk again, sing again, as before, it would be a liar. Doctors tell us it’s a fight of a lifetime. »

Lena’s parents therefore had little hope and did not believe that their daughter, affected by hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), would show signs of recovery. But last May, she miraculously came out of the coma.

“She walks, she talks, she eats again”but with “mental deficiencies”

Lena is now in a rehabilitation center during the day, and at the family home at night. “She walks, she talks, she eats again. She came home”underlines the father of the family to RMC, adding nevertheless that his daughter “has mental disabilities [et] lots of memory loss. “She lost the equivalent of four years of her life. […] She doesn’t remember what happened last year. She is very, very late. His mental age is between 8 and 10 years old, maximum.he says again. “She’s a fighter. We are already very proud of her and she can be very proud of her.adds his mother.

However, the latter confides that she no longer recognizes her daughter. She is not “no longer the same”, his character having “tremendously changed”she continues. “We are very, very worried about the future of our daughter. Little by little, we relearn. It will take time, that’s for sure.” she concludes over the radio.

According to the latest report from Public Health France, the consumption of these pizzas claimed 55 victims and two children died. An investigation, opened by the health center of the Paris prosecutor’s office, is underway. A former employee of the factory had denounced deplorable hygiene conditions.

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