“I’m getting close to the moment…”: these heartbreaking secrets from Line Renaud about her end of life…

With Une Belle Course, Line Renaud returns to the stage for the opening of the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival. On the occasion, the actress confided in how she sees her end approaching. The details.

Line Renaud: A confidence about his end which is approaching

At the opening of the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival on Tuesday August 23, Christian Carion’s film was screened. Entitled A beautiful racethis one is played by Line Renaud alongside Dany Boon.

Apparently, the feature film is a comedy-drama about old age and death. Moreover, it was also an opportunity for the actress to speak about her own end. At 94, the singer accepts the fact that her death is approaching.

“I’m getting close to the moment… I have to think about it,” says Line Renaud to begin with. Which she then went on to say “I had a great life…an amazing life and it will never be forgotten.”

And she’s probably right given the longevity of her career. “I cried all the time,” she continues. And that before ending with “But I wouldn’t want to make you cry… I love you! “.

The most beautiful role of his career in Une Belle course

Scheduled for theatrical release on September 21, Une Belle Course tells the story of Magdalene. Played by Line Renaud, the latter is a 92-year-old woman who had to go to her retirement home.

To get there, she then took a taxi. It was there that she met Charles, the driver. Thus, the adventure begins for both when the old woman asks him to make her revisit Paris. Especially the places that marked his life.

A very nostalgic adventure, Une Belle Course seems to be in line with Line Renaud’s ideas. The singer finds herself in the skin of the character she interpreted. We can even say that it is the most beautiful role she has had in her career.

And this, knowing the cause that the actress has always defended. Moreover, it is the latter that she published in Sunday Newspaper lately.

Line Renaud talks about her husband

On August 21, Line Renaud wrote a moving column in Journal du Dimanche with the deputy Olivier Falorni. In the latter, the actress spoke without restraint of the cause dear to her heart.

More specifically, the right to die with dignity. What she started with was the question “Why would you want to stay until the end…when you know you’re doomed?” “.

Through this article, Line Renaud calls for a vote on right to euthanasia. Very committed to her cause, the actress has even joined the association Dying with dignity. As a reminder, her husband Loulou Gasté died in 1995 suffering from bone cancer.

In a letter sent to deputies on social networks in 2021, she confided. “We couldn’t touch him anymore,” she wrote. Which she went on to say, “He was always asking, ‘When will this be over? “.

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