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There are more and more original shows on Twitch, and one of them will soon be on Ibai’s channel!

If you don’t know Ibai, he’s the head of the KOI team on LoL, which will soon join the LEC ! But it was also Kameto’s main opponent during Reddit’s r/place, a few months ago. He is also a streamer, and it is on his Twitch channel that one of his next big events will take place: a pizza dough acrobatics tournament!

A pizza dough stunt tournament hosted by Ibai

The show will be held on Ibai’s Twitch channel on September 21. She will bring together 10 pizza dough stunt experts, who will compete both live and in front of an audience of 1,150 people. They will have to demonstrate their skills and techniques in order to win the competition!

The show, presented by Ibai, will be organized by the famous Spanish pizza chain Telepizza. Thanks to them, 505 tickets will be offered to attend the event on site, and a TelepiBox KOI menu has been put on sale in their shops.

Published on 01/09/2022 at 11:35

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