“I receive verbal abuse that few artists experience”

Kev Adams hurt by criticism about him: “I get verbal abuse that few artists experience” (Photo by Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images)

This Tuesday August 23, 2022, TF1 is broadcasting the fourth season of “Mask Singer” with, still in the jury, Kev Adams. Accustomed to television shows, the young comedian has been performing the show for many years now. And if it is followed by a loyal audience, another part of the viewers is always more severe. Criticisms that Kev Adams has long received in silence…

Remember: in 2010, a 19-year-old young man, barely out of high school, caused a sensation in the France 2 program, “On n’demande qu’en rire”. Every evening, in front of the teams of Laurent Ruquier, Kev Adams multiplies the sketches directly inspired by his torments of adolescence. This is the beginning of a beautiful story with the French public. The problem is that since then, Kev Adams has been far from this restless teenage character. And that, some people find it hard to admit…

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Kev Adams at the heart of strong criticism since his debut

It’s hard to get rid of such a tenacious image. Kev Adams knows something about it. Since its beginnings, it has often been at the center of strong criticism and debate on social networks, mocked by certain Internet users who are not very seduced by its humor. So that the principal concerned chose to use it. In 2021, he thus starred in the film “Haters”, in which he portrayed the character of a YouTuber who is the target of online hatred, who ends up meeting his haters. Until then, Kev Adams had always preferred silence in the face of the waves of criticism he received. But the film opened Pandora’s box. So, in an interview with Télé Loisirs, it was only natural that he confided in the hateful messages he has always been the subject of: “My report is quite simple, even quite healthy I would say. I read from time to time the messages that are sent to me. When it’s love, I respond with love. When it’s hate, I just try to ignore it.”

Unfortunately, “Haters” gave way to other reviews. This time on the film “Retirement home”, in which Kev Adams played and which unfortunately was not at all unanimous on the side of the specialized press … and the general public. Difficult then for the comedian of 31 years not to take things personally. “Being a little divisive is not a concern, but, in my case, people systematically write words that go beyond simple criticism. I receive verbal violence that few artists experience” he lamented on this subject. in the columns of Télé 7 jours. And to share his incomprehension: “I try to protect myself, but it’s complicated. I have trouble understanding the reason. It’s not for lack of questioning myself.”

Over time, Kev Adams had no choice but to protect himself against the torrent of hatred, as he confided last April to Parisian: “These criticisms reach me less and less. celebrating the good reviews and the bad ones, I read them because I don’t want to cut myself off from the world, but I quickly move on.”

“I was told that I had the melon”

In addition to criticism of his sketches and the films in which he plays, Kev Adams is often pinned down about his personality. In 2019, for example, when he was the guest of Thomas Sotto on the airwaves of RTL, the comedian was confronted with his “double reputation”: that of “being very funny, but also of not always being very nice”. “To show off a bit. Did you get the melon or not?” had dropped Thomas Sotto. And Kev Adams to answer, a bit disconcerted: “That’s what I was told, yeah, that I had the melon. Frankly, it’s super hard to realize it. We’re going to talk to each other very frankly, you to say ‘no’ today might be lying. I think there were times in my life when I maybe didn’t realize how lucky I was. So I was a little bit disconnected from reality. I don’t feel like I was aware of it.”

And as if to justify himself, Kev Adams had precisely spoken of the violent criticism suffered from the beginning of his career: “Of course it affects you, it hurts you. When you do this job and you start young, it doesn’t There’s no will to make a living out of it. When I started, the star system, the critics, the press, the money… I had no idea of ​​all that. But of course, there’s at times where I may have misbehaved a bit and I apologize for that.”

Video. His mother, his career, his breakup with Iris Mittenaere… the touching confessions of Kev Adams

Added to this is the difficulty of maintaining a healthy relationship with your image when you grow up in the spotlight. Even more when one is constantly criticized for what one is. On this subject too, Kev Adams has already confided his difficulties: “When I started this job, I was very young, and every time I see images of my debut, I take a big hit of old. J ‘m getting into my thirties with difficulty. I have more and more trouble with my physique.” Especially since the young man is already coming back from afar. As a child, he had to endure the bullying of his comrades, as he explained in the program Clique: “I know what it means to be stigmatized, to be put aside. I was overweight when I arrived in Neuilly. They called me ‘bouboule.’ Today, Kev Adams is trying to come to terms with his image, far from criticism…

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