“I lost half of my friends”: Camille Lacourt’s companion takes stock of her life as a mom, after a year

For a year, Camille Lacourt and Alice Detollenaere have seen their daily lives turned upside down by the arrival of their little Marius. While they recently moved, it was the former swimmer’s companion who spoke on Instagram, breaking the silence on her life as a mom. If she likes to share the joys, the happiness, the one who has experienced breast cancer against which she had to fight is also without filter when it comes to approaching the less happy sides. “I lost half my friends because I don’t have enough time for them“, she wrote this Friday, August 19.

It is a long message that Alice Detollenaere published today, which must have done good to all the mothers who are subscribed to her account. “Being a mom means being in an uncomfortable position for 2 hours so that your baby can rest, while preventing you from coughingcan we read. With Camille, we don’t have a childcare plan for Marius (fingers crossed for the start of the school year, if the god of nurseries hears me??) so we will work each in turn, depending on our contracts.” She reveals that in recent months it is she who has stayed at home the most, while Marius’ dad was working.

I had never projected myself into being at home, as I also had no idea what it was like to be a mother.“, she continues. Then, the one who recognizes that “all (his) certainties have been shattered“says she has lost many of her friends since she tasted the joys of motherhood.”It’s been a year since I struggled to resume sport because my body is exhausted. I lost half of my friends because I don’t have enough time for them. I manage to pluck my eyebrows once every 2 months on average“, shared Camille Lacourt’s companion. Alice Detollenaere has always been very frank on her social networks, sharing the joys and disappointments of her daily life as a young mother.

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