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“I have just gone through a real tsunami”: Patrick Sébastien reveals that he suffered from cancer

On the occasion of the release of his book “Live and be reborn every day” (to be published by XO editions on September 29), Patrick Sébastien confided in Le Figaro over the past two years: “I am 68 years old and I just went through a real tsunami. I had a terrible time over it for two years: the disgusting eviction from France Télévisions, major bereavements related to relatives, my separation from Nana and kidney cancer with a major operation. I still have a 40 cm scar. »

The former presenter of France Télévisions explains that he renamed his disease a “chancer”, discovered by chance by his doctor: “My doctor Georges saw a small white spot so he had me do an MRI, and a biopsy . He eventually discovered cancer. Even though it was 3 cm, it was non-invasive and did not require chemo. So I underwent an operation with eight hours of anesthesia. Rehabilitation and recovery were complicated. But two months later, I was on stage. »

According to him, cancer “is part of life” even if he “didn’t want to publicize it” before his recovery. “Self-pity is the worst way to achieve rebirth. I often think of this sentence that my mother said to me when my son died: It’s not the end of something, it’s the start of something else. We are not reborn, neither in resentment nor in bitterness. »

“There is a link between stress and health”

The interpreter of “Little Foam Man” believes that the publication of his book allows “some people to hold on a little better”: “I meet a lot of people who live better thanks to my books. It is a real satisfaction”.

Patrick Sébastien does not exclude that his stormy eviction from France Télévisions could have played a role in his cancer: “It is not directly linked but there is a link between stress and health. “Even if at this stage of knowledge, no link has been proven between vaccination against Covid-19 and cancer, and that pharmacovigilance data indicate a very largely positive benefit/risk balance, Patrick Sébastien wonders: “I don’t I’m not a conspirator but I’m watching. Before the vaccine, I had nothing. And then I ended up with prediabetes, prostatitis. I’m not accusing, but I’m wondering. Around me, it’s the same, many people have found themselves with a pathology. »

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