huge sale on the wireless Apple Magic Keyboard for Mac

I’ve tried many USB and wireless keyboards with my Mac over the years, I’ve always come back to Apple’s solutions. Most of them, whether wireless, wired, with battery or rechargeable via USB, are excellent bills and offer an unparalleled feel. Unfortunately, not everything is green, Apple keyboards are expensive. This is what always pushed me to look elsewhere, before returning to the apple, complaining about the price, but never about the quality.

So if you’re like me, a big Magic Keyboard fan, you’ll be happy to know that the Apple Magic Keyboard Bluetooth model with Touch ID and numeric keypad (French) is currently on promotionwith a special price low enough to be reported in our columns: 142 € instead of 185!

The keyboard is available at this price on Amazon or at Boulanger. In both cases, delivery is free.

The reduction is 23%which corresponds to a decrease of 43 euros! The opportunity is therefore perfect for those who are looking for an excellent remote keyboard for their workstation, outside the house or at home. The typing comfort is unmatched, the layout of the keys perfectly adapted to macOS. The autonomy announced on a charge is one month.

Take advantage of the offer at Amazon

Take advantage of the offer at Boulanger

Finally, the Touch ID button is a significant asset for quickly identifying yourself with various web services or for paying via Apple Pay for your next online purchases! It’s up to you to choose between Amazon or Baker for this superb Mac companion.

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