Huawei could double down on Apple on satellite connectivity announcement

Rumors have been talking about it for more than a year, Apple is preparing to soon offer calls and SMS via satellite on the iPhone, this connection would be exclusively available when your iPhone switches to “network unavailable”. Other smartphone manufacturers are also interested in this fantastic novelty, Huawei could even make an announcement before the Apple Event scheduled for September 7.

Huawei will probably overtake Apple

Do not have anymore white zone and be able to make calls and send SMS anywhere in the world, if the promise is ambitious, the big groups like Apple and Huawei are very interested in it, to the point where the two companies would be on the verge of making a announcement to include satellite connectivity in their smartphones.

According to some indiscretions, the project of calls / SMS by satellite has already been underway for some time at Huawei, the Chinese firm could soon unveil this novelty during the month of September. The rumors even mention a possibility that Huawei will make an important announcement before Apple’s which will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park next Wednesday.


Another interesting information, Google would also work to include satellite connectivity within Android, if a chip is sometimes necessary inside the smartphone, it is necessary that the software part can also adapt to this new way of communicating.
Hiroshi Lockheimer, the developer of Android, Chrome browser and Chrome OS made a small statement on his Twitter account where he says that communication via satellite is already in development in the teams that work daily on the next updates of Android for smartphones.

The question that must now be asked is: “will the approach of Google and Huawei be the same as Apple?” In other words, to use satellites only in case no network. If the strategy of the two companies is different, this could worry operators who will probably see it as an alternative to their mobile network and therefore the danger of losing subscribers. As we know, mobile operators are a considerable asset in the distribution smartphones, antagonizing them is not good for a smartphone maker’s market share.

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