How to use Instagram on your Apple Watch with this free app?

As of now, there is no official Instagram app for Apple Watch. However, you can receive and respond to your notifications on your connected watch. To be able to view all of your feed, watch stories and visit profiles, you will need to download the Lens application.


Meta, owner of Instagram, has restricted access to its social network from Apple Watch. If you have the Instagram app installed on your iPhone, you will still be able to access your last message received and your notifications on the Apple Watch, but without being able to access your IG news feed.

The Lens application, which was not developed by Facebook, allows you to access your message history, reply to all of your friends, view the posts and stories of your friends or your favorite influencers. Unfortunately, some functions of the application are only accessible for a payment of €1.99.

Receive your WhatsApp messages on your Apple Watch with WhatsApp

If you bought an Apple Watch Wifi+cellular for the sole purpose of exchanging via Instagram, it’s very sad for you. The investment may not have been worth it since to receive messages and notifications sent to the application on your Apple Watch, you will have to be near your iPhone.

Make sure your iPhone has Bluetooth enabled and your Apple Watch is connected to it. Instagram obviously needs to be installed on your iPhone and notifications enabled in iPhone settings.
To do this:

  • Go to menu Settings, notices then instagram
  • Enable notifications and the three different types of alerts

Enable Instagram notifications on Iphone / © Nextpit

  • Then go to the Apple Watch app
  • Go to notifications and activate those of Instagram
Enable Instagram Notifications on Apple Watch to Interact

Activate Instagram notifications on the Apple Watch to interact / © Nextpit

You can now receive your notifications, read messages and reply to your DMs on Instagram from your iPhone on your Apple Watch.

Lens, the application to benefit from all the advantages of Instagram on your Apple Watch

If you want to benefit from all Instagram tools from your Apple Watch, you will need to use a third-party application called Lens. This app collects data, including purchase history and log data (for diagnostics), but this is not directly linked to you as stated on the app’s page on the App. Apple store. Access to the Instagram feed is free.


However, to access the stories, search tab, messages, comments and explore, you will have to pay an additional minimum of €1.99.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Install the Lens app on your iPhone
  2. The app automatically installs on your Apple Watch (which must be connected to the iPhone)
  3. Just enter your Instagram credentials and you can enjoy access to your feed from your Apple Watch
  4. To access stories, messages, comments and to explore it, you will need to upgrade the application for €1.99.
Lens app mimics Instagram's previous app on Apple Watch

The Lens app mimics Instagram’s previous app on Apple Watch / ©

What do you think of this trick? Do you think Instagram belongs on Apple Watch?


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