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How to perfectly cut a pizza? No, cutting it with a knife is not a good idea

Voted as the food of happiness, by many polls, pizza is one of the favorite dishes of people around the world. Tasty and savory at the same time, whether loaded or simply vegetarian, full of sauces and cheese, pizza remains a convivial dish that we often share with family and friends. However, it involves certain golden rules so as not to spoil the culinary experience. Did you know in particular that you should not use a knife to cut it? So what is the real Italian cut and how to prepare it well at home? We tell you everything.

Eat a pizza

Eat pizza – Source: spm

What’s the best way to cut a pizza?

How do you usually cut your pizza slices? Know that the knife and fork are absolutely banned: certainly, in terms of propriety and propriety, social etiquette dictates that we handle our dishes with cutlery. But, for the pizza it’s another story. If you use a knife and a fork, you immediately alter its texture, which will break the harmony of its taste that seduces the taste buds so much.

Therefore, the advice of the experts is to find a way to make slices as precise as possible, in a clear and clean way. Only then do you risk damaging the dough. In this respect, therefore, it would be more appropriate to use scissors or a similar tool to surgically divide the pizza. As a general rule, it is advisable to have a stainless steel pizza cutter on hand, this is the famous roller that allows you to have perfect slices.

True, it is also possible to use a large knife, the blade of which should be especially sharp. The important thing is to make sure that all the ingredients on top of the pizza can be kept intact as much as possible. This is why the cutting must be done carefully. Ideally, you should ask the restaurant on site or at home to have slices already well divided.

And for the big gourmands who don’t want to waste time, we recommend a very simple method: do not cut the pizza, rather fold it in half, repeat the technique again and you will thus obtain a giant slice!

Prepare pizza dough

Prepare pizza dough – Source: spm

Some tips for preparing the perfect Italian pizza at home

Making pizza at home is not an easy task. This is why the majority of people prefer to eat it directly at the restaurant or have it delivered to their homes. And for good reason, if you concoct it in your kitchen, there are a number of precautions to take, otherwise it could end in disaster. Not to mention the disappointment and frustration that follow.

We’re going to try to provide you with some little tricks to avoid the mess and prepare a delicious Italian-style pizza.

  • Make your own dough

As you know, many ready-made pastas are available on the market. But they have the annoying habit of lacking the elasticity that pizza needs to be really light, crispy and tasty. To avoid disappointment, it is better to prepare the dough at home.

  • Do not use a rolling pin

Most pizza dough recipes are relatively simple: it is made from a mixture of bread flour, olive oil, yeast and sugar. Once you get a smooth paste, it’s time to knead. While it might be a good idea to use a rolling pin, true pizza pros know the only authentic method is by hand. If you’ve made your dough correctly, all you have to do is turn it and stretch it on a work surface to get the right shape.

  • Don’t overload your pizza

Comes the moment of the garnish. Once you spread your tomato sauce, you are then tempted to incorporate an array of ingredients to make your pizza even more gourmet and mouth-watering. However, be aware that it will be very difficult to maneuver it and cook it properly if you overload it with unnecessary elements. Although it is very tempting to fill it with meat and cheese, remember that too many toppings can make your pizza soggy and distort its taste.

One of the most important steps in preparing a pizza is placing your dough on a perfectly preheated surface. If you neglect this step, you run the risk of having an undercooked and soggy dough in the center. So don’t hesitate to preheat your oven a few minutes in advance to save some time when cooking the pizza.

Before installation in the oven, it is important to check the temperature. Except that, as you surely know, professional pizza ovens do not work the same way as home ovens. However, to create the perfect balance between crispiness and softness, the secret lies precisely in adjusting the temperature. Note that to preserve the flavors of the filling and for quick cooking, the pizza must be cooked at least at 400 °C.

Obviously, your traditional oven does not exceed 300°C, or even sometimes less. And for good reason: the majority of cooked dishes are cooked at around 180 to 200°C. So, here you are in trouble. How can you make a success of your pizza if your oven cannot access such high heat? Well, the only solution is first to set the temperature to the maximum power so that the dough rises correctly and then to lengthen the cooking a little more, while checking regularly to avoid the faux pas.

Warning: if the cooking is too slow, the base filling may soak the dough and it will no longer be as crispy as you would like. The longer your pizza takes to cook, the more the crust becomes moist, shrinks and becomes less flavorful.

If the device was largely preheated when you put your pizza in the oven, you can count between 12 to 15 minutes of cooking. And don’t forget to take a look during the whole process!

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