How to get Apple’s Dynamic Island on your Android smartphone

The Dynamic Island which was launched on Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro (Max) is now accessible on Android. Thanks to the dynamicSpot application, the punch of your Android smartphone can be used to imitate the popup notification effects of the iPhone 14 Pro. Find out how to use this free application to have the Dynamic Island on your Android smartphone.

  • The dynamicSpot app turns the punch hole of any Android device into a Dynamic Island
  • The app is free and includes multitasking and music controls
  • Additional features and customizations are available with the paid version

How to use the dynamicSpot application to have the Dynamic Island on your smartphone

It didn’t take long for someone to copy the novelty from Apple and bring it to Android. The dynamicSpot app, which is currently in beta, turns the notch of any Android smartphone into a notification and control hub like Apple’s Dynamic Island. To start using it, just download the application via the following link:

Although you will have a few levels of customization such as resizing and expanded view, you will need to get the full version of the app to use some of the additional features such as the popup island extension to the lock screen and adjusting gesture controls. Similarly, the free version already comes with multitasking features, and it also supports timer and music controls.

The dynamicSpot Android app mimics the Dynamic Island feature of the iPhone 14 Pro. / © NextPit

The possibilities are currently quite limited.

More importantly, dynamicSpot only works with devices that have a center punch. It is not possible to reposition the island on the sides or change the colors and theme, at least for now.

As for the application, it was developed by a senior member of the XDA-forum. So far, it’s one of the few third-party apps available on the Play Store that offers features comparable to Apple’s Dynamic Island. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if big manufacturers like Xiaomi or OnePlus introduce a similar feature on their upcoming smartphones.

What do you think of the possibility of having the Dynamic Island on Android smartphones? Do you think this is a convenience feature?


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