How to Create an Apple ID Without a Credit Card Using PayPal

In this article, I will show you how to create an Apple ID without a credit card using PayPal. Creating an Apple is one of the most important things in iOS devices. If you don’t have one, it means you can’t use an iOS device properly. Creating an Apple ID is a bit difficult for some people who used Android and now want to use an iPhone or iPad. This guide is for beginners, those who have never used the iPhone before. This information will help them to download free or paid apps using Apple ID. Here I will show you whether you are using your credit card, Mastercard, PayPal or the None option. If you use Master Card or a PayPal account, you can download paid apps, but if you don’t want to use any of them. However, it is possible to create an Apple ID.

Create Apple ID without Credit Card or Master Card -PayPal

When you use your Apple ID to sign in to the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store for the first time, you’ll be prompted to enter a payment method so you can purchase items from the store. Follow these steps if you don’t want to associate a payment method with your account. Apple recommends using a single Apple ID to access iTunes, iCloud, and other Apple services.

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This can be done on iOS devices such as an iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch or you can use a PC running iTunes. If you’re using an iPhone, go to Apple Store> Select any app and try to To download this. You will be asked to enter your Apple ID, so just click Create a new Apple ID. If you are on PC or MacOS, launch iTunes. Now follow the step by step guide below.

Step 1. Go to the Account tab and select Login.

iTunes Account

2nd step. Click on Create a new Apple ID.

Sign in to the iTunes Store

Step 3. Type your E-mail address with a New Password for the Apple ID and retype the password. Select Country and check the terms and conditions. If you don’t have an email address and don’t know how to create an email account, check out this step-by-step guide. When finished click Continue.

create an apple id

Step 4. At this step, you can select your payment method. If you want to download paid applications from the Apple Store, you must select one of these payment methods. For some people Countriesyou will have the None also possibility.

Create Apple ID without Master Card

Step #5. At this point I will choose PayPal account from these payment methods. If you want to select a PayPal account as the payment method, you must enter your PayPal account with the billing address, then click on Continue.

Create an Apple ID through PayPal

Step #6. Type the following information.

  • Title (M.)
  • First name (Moktar)
  • Last name (Jafari)
  • Date of Birth (03/12/1995)
  • Security Question (Select three security questions from the list)
Enter personal information

Click on Continue.

Step #7. Now you need to verify your Apple ID. Open your email address and you will see 5 digit code. Copy and paste it into the verification field and click Check.

Verify your Apple ID

Step #8. Once you have verified your Apple ID, you can download the app of your choice. This time, when asking for an Apple ID, just enter your Apple ID, then click OKAY button.

Sign in to your Apple ID

You can verify your Apple ID in the Account section of iTunes. If you are on the iOS device, you can return to Settings, scroll down and tap iTunes and App Stores.


It is the best and easiest way to create Apple ID without credit card or Master Card on PC. You just need iTunes software and install it on your PC. If you’re on the Macintosh, you don’t need iTunes. Because by default it is installed. I hope this guide was helpful to you. If you have a problem or have a question, feel free to leave a comment below this post. Thank you for being with us.

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