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How the “Berlusconi pizza” conquered Finland

Smoked reindeer meat, chanterelle mushrooms, and a good dose of red onions sprinkled over a dough made from rye and wholemeal flour. A quick glance at the composition of the “Berlusconi pizza” is enough to decide that we are not looking at a traditional Neapolitan dish.

And indeed, this dish with such an unexpected name has nothing to do with the city under Vesuvius, the birthplace of pizza. It was created more than 3,000 kilometers away, in distant Finland.

The choice of ingredients, typical of this Nordic country, is not surprising, but the name is original to say the least. It originates from a small diplomatic incident told by La Repubblica.

A great revenge for Finland

“In 2005, the European Union had to decide to which country to allocate the seat of the European Authority

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