How Steve Jobs saved Apple from bankruptcy

Game news How Steve Jobs saved Apple from bankruptcy

Apple is the most powerful company in the world alone worth over 2 trillion dollars. For years, the company has had a string of successes, but that hasn’t always been the case and it almost disappeared. How did she get there?

From the origin to its fall

Before talking about its fall in the late 80s, we must go back to its origins. Apple was created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976 in Silicon Valley. The computer to propel Apple forward is the Apple II released in 1977, a revolution for millions of people. However, one detail is wrong, the Apple II does not correspond to Steve Jobs’ image of a modern computer with an exemplary design and ease of use. It was therefore in 1984 that Steve Jobs launched the Macintosh, a “perfect” computer. Feeling out of place, Steve Wozniak left the company in 1985, but the Macintosh did not convince for various problems. Failing to achieve its objectives, coupled with an angry and capricious Steve Jobs, the atmosphere at work is catastrophic. Steve Jobs wants to take the head of Apple, but unfortunately for him it is John Sculley who becomes CEO, and leaves the company in September 1985. Besides that, Jobs does not give up and creates NeXT. Apple without Jobs is in danger, because the Macintosh projects become a total flop and this one will continue a good part of the 90s. On the side of Steve Jobs, it is not the glory, after some tests with a cubic computer and too expensive, NeXT abandons hardware and concentrates on software and operating systems.

Apple’s rescue to today

In 1996, Steve Jobs wanted to return to Silicon Valley, where the most beautiful computers were invented. For Apple, it’s going to the worst and going to its loss especially with the competition from Microsoft. John Sculley decides to leave, and follows several CEOs who will try to save Apple. Society needs a breath of fresh air and a new Mac OS and that’s where NeXT comes in. At the end of 1996, Steve Jobs convinced Apple to buy them back and a week later the takeover was validated for 429 million dollars. Apple had bought, without knowing it, its new boss. Indeed, a few months later, Steve Jobs became CEO of Apple in 1997. His goal is to put Apple afloat and focus on promising future projects. Its first success is the iMac, an “all-in-one” computer. From 1998, Apple becomes the reference brand as at the beginning and markets the iPod, the MacBook Air and the iPhone, accompanied by Apple Stores. Apple marked the history of technology and it took little for the company to disappear forever.

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