How do you protect your Apple Watch? | WatchGeneration

Apple may assure us that the Apple Watch Series 7 offers “unprecedented resistance”, life is sometimes hectic on a wrist. Drops, shocks, dust, water… The life of an Apple Watch is sometimes put to the test. And despite all the efforts, we are never safe from scratches which always have the good idea to be placed in the middle of the screen. And this is the drama. They are also all the more visible with the new dials of watchOS 9, which make great use of color gradients…


As always in such cases, prevention is better than cure. To protect your Apple Watch, the choice is quite limited. There are bumpers like those made by OtterBox and RhinoShield. Another possibility is tempered glass screen protectors which, however, rarely have good press.

The OtterBox Exo Edge

To finish on the subject, it will be recalled that Apple now allows the billing of AppleCare + on a monthly basis. It will cost you, for example, €2.99 per month for an Apple Watch SE and €4.49 for an Apple Watch Series €7. In both cases, the deductible is €65. But back to the question: are you protecting your Apple Watch?


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