How do Apple devices react in a heat wave?

With the unprecedented heat we are currently experiencing, the maximum temperature limit established by Apple for the use of its products can be easily exceeded.. For all its ranges, the Apple has a series of explanations on the behaviors that can be observed and the advice to follow when the mercury gets carried away.

The temperature alert at the time of the iPhone 4, in 2010

The computer is designed to operate in a place where the temperature is between 10 and 35°C warns the support page for portable Macs while those for iPhone/iPad, Apple Watch or AirPods start the range at 0°. This maximum temperature can still be exceeded by a few degrees, there will not be a sudden blackout at 35.5°…


Suffice to say that at the moment, for those who are not lucky enough to work in a temperate or air-conditioned place, 35° can easily be reached, or even exceeded. The ventilation system of her machine – when she has one – then acts as a soundtrack all day long.


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