how did the iPhone become more than a phone?

The topic of the day. On June 29, 2007, the first Apple iPhone was released in the US market. Music player, photo album, Internet access… This new portable with its sober and innovative design is quickly becoming an interplanetary phenomenon by shaking up the habits and uses of users. “Today, Apple will reinvent the telephone”said Steve Jobs during the press presentation of the iPhone in 2007.

Why are we talking about it ? How did the iPhone revolutionize the wearable? How did the project emerge and how was it received?

To analyse. “It still takes time that story. And in addition, the version that arrives in France, and even the version that is marketed in the United States, is not compatible with the brand new 3G networks, which have just come from appear, which are interesting because we are going to switch to a new dimension of mobile Internet. It will go faster, it will be more comfortable, and the iPhone does not work with its 3G networks. So there is a problem . In fact, there are many disappointments among geeks. Which means that in France, for example, it will not work well. It sold, I believe, 70 or 80,000 copies. It’s nothing at all, but it didn’t represent much. It didn’t really allow you to do a lot more things than what we were doing with our phones at the time. On the other hand, afterwards, when there will be the 3G version, it will become more serious”, explains tech specialist and podcaster with “Digital World”, Jérôme Colombain.

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