How Apple could skyrocket its ad revenue

Apple is one of the most profitable companies in the world. With a cash position of around $200 billion, the tech giant clearly has nothing to worry about for its short-term future. This does not prevent the Apple brand from working on certain tracks which could further strengthen its profits.

And precisely, according to FinancialTimes, the company would now expect to increase its advertising revenue. According to figures from our colleagues, disputed by Apple, the Tech giant currently has 250 employees in its advertising team. But it now offers 216 job offers in this field, compared to only 56 at the end of 2020.

Apple defends its privacy model

The economic newspaper also quotes figures from the research firm Everscore ISI. The latter predicts that the company’s advertising revenues will increase from 5 billion dollars this year to 30 billion in four years.

For now, Apple is largely behind behemoths such as Google and Facebook whose turnover depends heavily on advertising. Nonetheless, the FinancialTimes explains that many in the industry are concerned that the company is taking advantage of its prime position on the App Store to grow rapidly.

These claims are challenged by the Cupertino company. If it does not deny wanting to strengthen its position on the advertising market, the firm of Tim Cook defends in job offers its ambition to ” build the most advanced privacy and technologically advanced platform and application “.

It is also in this sense that Apple has implemented App Tracking Transparency, which allows users to refuse the advertising tracking of applications. The apple brand also praises its efforts in its latest advertisements.

There would be a form of logic in seeing Apple take action. While the revenues of the digital advertising market are increasingly concentrated in the hands of the Tech giants, the Cupertino company could also want its share of the cake.

This is what Amazon has tried in recent years. Well it took it, its advertising revenue went from $4 billion in revenue in 2018 to $37 billion last year.

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