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Hot dog ice cream, pizza without dough… American industrialists are overflowing with creativity

If in New York, one of the culinary “sensations” of the summer is a donut with mustard, other experiments have marked these last weeks. It must be said that the United States has never lacked inventiveness and audacity in the culinary field. Three proposals, let’s say original, stand out.

Perhaps inspired by the heat wave, the cold dog, a kind of popsicle that has the color of a sausage and the taste of a hot dog. It releases notes “both refreshing and smoky”, according to the press release from Oscar Mayer, the company that produces it. A company in the meat business for almost a century and a half all the same. The concept had been suggested on Oscar Mayer’s Instagram account and apparently Internet users found the idea. “great”.

So the group got started. Selling price two dollars. It is found in a chain of ice cream vendors called Popbar but only in a few American cities, Atlanta and New York in particular. Oscar Mayer is aware of the bet. “Stupid or awesome, you decide”, can we read on his Twitter account. A The brand took to the streets of New York to offer a free tasting, with the same slogan, “great or stupid”. A nice publicity stunt.

Papa John’s, a famous American pizza chain, has launched its no-dough pizza. CNN says sales growth is slowing as Papa John’s seeks to refresh the concept. According to one of the heads of the innovation department, after having eaten a lot – perhaps too much – of pizza during the pandemic, Americans seem to have become a little bored. As a result, the brand invented the Papa Bowl, i.e. the pizza ingredients but in a bowl rather than the dough. Your choice: chicken, a trio of Italian meats or a vegetarian version, for $7.99.

The hope is that on a night out with friends, if someone doesn’t want pizza, the group will still consider ordering from Papa John’s, which will have an alternative on offer. The ingredients are the same as the pizza, which facilitates the supply chain. Something new with something old. The project was delayed, the packaging was not suitable in high circles because it did not keep the food hot enough, but it seems to be a priority for the consumer.

A little extra info to shine in the evening, know that John Hampton Schnatter, the John of Papa John’s, no longer runs the company he launched in 1984. The fault of a series of borderline racist remarks in 2018.

Heinz, one of the giants of the food industry, well known for its ketchup, put on sale in September 2022 hashbrowns filled with baked beans, the famous white beans in tomato sauce. Hash brown is potatoes cut into very thin slices and fried.

It is a breakfast classic in the United States and the United Kingdom. United Kingdom where, as every schoolboy who has gone on a school exchange knows, we also eat baked beans the morning. Except that instead of having them side by side on the plate, Heinz thought of merging them somehow. Difficult to comment on the taste. This cultural treasure would only be available in UK supermarkets for now.

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