His heartbreaking tears in front of the coffin of Elizabeth II… the prince collapsed after the ceremony


Would he have had the feeling of reliving one of his childhood traumas? While the whole world was shocked to see young Prince Harry, 12 at the time, walking for long minutes behind Lady Diana’s coffin with his brother William (15), history seems to be repeating itself this Wednesday. September 14. 25 years later, it was their grandmother Elizabeth II that the two princes accompanied in the streets of London.

A long procession had indeed been organized from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall to take Elizabeth II to the place where the British can say goodbye to their queen one last time before her funeral, which will be held on Monday, September 19. And right in the middle of the procession, the dignified Prince Harry played his role perfectly despite being told not to wear military uniform.

But arrived at Westminster Hall, it was during the short religious ceremony that this one cracked. After finding his wife Meghan Markle and standing behind his brother William, he could not help but shed a few tearsquickly wiped but captured by the photographers.

I have to say that the whole family seemed particularly moved : the defeated face, Kate Middleton had meanwhile looked collapsed. Prince Harry’s cousins, Eugenie and Beatrice, were seen…

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