here’s why Apple is abandoning its small format smartphone

According to several reports, Apple will not offer an iPhone 14 Mini this year. The reason behind this decision is an open secret: since its debut in 2020, the Mini format has had a string of commercial failures. After several unsuccessful attempts, the Cupertino company threw in the towel and tried a new formula.

In 2020, Apple is unveiling a new marketing strategy by launching a Mini model for the first time with its iPhone 12 range. The objective is simple: to attract new customers with a cheaper smartphone and more volatile due to its reduced size. The result is edifying: two months after the official launch, the model represents only 6% of total sales. of iPhone. Faced with the disaster, Apple decides to stop production as a matter of urgency.

Without throwing in the towel. Indeed, the following year, again: Apple launches an iPhone 13 Mini, in the hope of correcting the mistakes of the past. Here again, it’s a bitter failure, which even manages to do worse than its predecessor with only 3% of sales. Sales figures: nobody wants the iPhone 13 Mini. In fact, the rumors surprised no one by revealing thatApple throws in the towel in 2022 and that there will be no iPhone 14 Mini.

Why Apple can’t sell its iPhone Mini

But then, why do users systematically shun Mini models? Several reasons can explain this phenomenon. First, the latter have historically always preferred more premium models of each range. But the real explanation is probably a marketing error on the part of Apple. Indeed, each time, the manufacturer has preferred to focus on novelty rather than performance to promote its smartphones.

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But no one is fooled. If the Mini model is cheaper than its range neighbors, it is more so than a standard model of the previous generation. The problem is that the latter is more efficient. Unsurprisingly, users therefore prefer to opt for an older smartphone, but faster and above all cheaper than the newcomer. The iPhone 12 Mini, for example, was less popular in 2020 than the iPhone SE, iPhone 11, and iPhone XR.

Moreover, many associate the small screen has a lower quality compared to larger smartphones. This is not necessarily the case, but proof is that users will most often opt for a phone with a larger screen. And it looks like Apple finally got it. Thus, the most modest iPhone 14 will have a screen of 6.1 inches, according to the leaks. Above all, it will not be awarded the Mini mention.

Source: 9to5Mac

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