Here is what she touches at CAF after giving birth to her 13th child, it’s crazy!

It cannot be denied that the daily life of large families often goes around the web, arousing curiosity. And if there is a show that gives us the proof, it’s Large families, life in XXL. Indeed, since the first season in 2020, this TF1 show has continued to delight millions of viewers. Like the Santoro and the Pellissard, on the other side of the Channel, Cheryl Prudham, Lee Ball and their family allowance funds (CAF) are also being talked about.

All families with at least two children are entitled to family allowances. From 3 children, you are part of a large family. But between the week’s shopping, the price of larger accommodation, the cost of a car with at least 5 seats… raising children can be very expensive and lead to financial difficulties. The more children you have, the higher the amount of family allowances (CAF). It’s a little boost to the birth rate and to families. And this only stops when the family has only one dependent child under the age of 20.

€50,000 in family allowances per year

And the least we can say is that Cheryl Prudham is far from done with child benefits (CAF)! Indeed, this young mother who has just given birth to her 13ᵉ child. Thus, she reaps additional benefits that are screaming in England, as reported by the British newspaper Daily Mail.

Cheryl Prudham had a tribe of 6 children with George, her first husband, the eldest of whom is now 17 years old. After her separation from George, she married Robert and they had 6 children.

After her divorce from her second husband, Cheryl Prudham found love again in the arms of Lee Ball, an unemployed 29-year-old. Their relationship has lasted for several months.

From their first meeting, Cheryl became pregnant and therefore gave birth to this 13th child. For the 34-year-old, money doesn’t seem to be a problem!

Already a beneficiary of Family Allowances (CAF), the young woman already received an amount of €47,000 per year, for the 12 children. The newborn will thus enable him to receive €834 more per year. She will also have a tax reduction of €4,000.

addicted to babies

Cheryl Prudham admits to being addicted to babies » and… She wishes she had another one” as quickly as possible. »

Holding a newborn in your arms is the best feeling in the world, I can’t get enough of it she confided.

Very proud of the number of children she has, people’s eyes don’t even reach her. ” I can have as many children as I want. I think it’s nobody’s business (…) they (family allowances, editor’s note) were created for that, why can’t I enjoy it? », she launched to her detractors.

Cheryl Prudham has, indeed, no shame and says ” have the right to benefit from family allowances“. And it is not for nothing that it is nicknamed in England ” welfare queen“. And some also call it “theBritain’s cheekiest mother.

On social networks, Internet users are in shock. Uno petition has even been launched for her to be deprived of these benefits. But Cheryl Prudham doesn’t seem to be affected in the least.

The nearly €50,000 in family allowances she receives will surely encourage her to get a baby back on the road very soon!

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