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Here is the first pizza 100% made in France, it costs between 9.50 and 17 euros and it’s very good

At 14 rue de Cotte in the 12th district of Paris, behind a duck blue storefront, hides the very first pizza 100% made in France. Pizzou is the name of this restaurant that Rémy and Vivien, lovers of good food, launched after a first experience in catering. Here, these two entrepreneurs take on a classic of Italian cuisine, pizza, and revisit it with French sauce. If by pushing the doors of Pizzou, it is in front of an oven brought directly from Italy that you find yourself, there are only a few steps to take to come across a real pizzeria with a Parisian look. Exposed stones, hanging plants, chairs and wooden bistro tables reinforce this atmosphere, a signature of the capital’s restaurants. The canopy, present in the heart of the main room, offers brightness, chic and modernity. No detail has therefore been left to chance.

On the plate, however, the taste buds fly off to Italy. And yet everything comes from France. On the menu are three starters including a stracciatella produced on a farm in the Yvelines and a plate of freshly landed charcuterie from Aveyron. As for pizzas, there are 14 on the menu. We find “La Bonne Mère”, a recipe straight from Marseille, half anchovies, half fleur de lay, “La Picotte” and its spicy sausage from Aveyron or even the “Rock 4” with its four 100% French cheeses. We fell in love with “La Truffe à Régine” which will delight lovers of luxury mushrooms. We tested it and it was really very, sharp too strong in the nose. The paste is thick but too much and keeps a pleasant soft side in the mouth. As for the pizza dough, at Pizzou, it is neither Neapolitan nor Roman, but Aveyronnaise. Prepared by hand, it then rests for 48 to 72 hours before being cooked at a moderate temperature.

To end the meal on a sweet note, tiramisu is a must. We didn’t taste it for a simple and good reason: we were no longer hungry. The greediest can also turn to the classic Nutella pizza or opt for the classic Panna Cotta. A good option too. For drinks, same treatment. It is possible to taste organic and/or natural wines from harvesting winegrowers, 100% Parisian beer or even quench your thirst with Corsican water.

Pizzou therefore honours, through its cuisine, various French producers while highlighting the diversity and agricultural wealth of our Hexagon.

Pizzou Aligre, 14 rue de Cotte, 75012 Paris and Pizzou Pigalle, 28 rue de Douai, 75009 Paris.
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