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Here is the best pizza in the world 2022 and, surprise, it is French!

Italians don’t behave well, in 2022 the best pizza in the world is French! Caroline Maya, a pizza maker based in Saint-Pries, near Lyon, won the 29th edition of the World Pizza Championships. Pizza makers from more than 40 countries came to compete at this event, which was canceled two years in a row due to the pandemic. After 3 days of competition, Caroline Maya’s pizza won the title. The chef teamed up with Alain Patrick Fauconnet to create an original and gastronomic dish that made the difference.

Gourmet seafood pizza

baptized, ” It will be a volta » (« once upon a time in Italian), the pizza is made with many ingredients from the sea. On the menu? Sea urchin and lobster bisque, torch-burnt scallops, dried caviar, fleur de sel, prawns marinated in citrus fruits and flambéed with sake, mozzarella balls, ricotta cream, ricotta flower with saffron heart, ink tiles of cuttlefish, young pea shoots, sea water foam and sea urchin tongues, dried tomato pistils… Luxury products that won over the jury, but which will not be found on the menu of Caroline’s pizzeria Maya and for good reason. The pizzaïola thus explains to the Parisian that the cost of this exceptional pizza is around 500 euros…

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