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Here is the best ham and cheese pizza you can find in a supermarket

It is sometimes difficult to choose THE perfect pizza, especially in supermarkets. After the Buitoni Fraich’UP pizza scandal, contaminated with Escherichia coli bacteria, it seems important for many consumers to be even more vigilant. 60 million consumers carried out a survey in its May-June 2022 special issue entitled “Eating healthy, good and cheap”. One of the surveys compares different brands of ham and cheese pizzas to find the best one.

The magazine studied nine different pizzas according to various criteria: the price, the Nutri-Score, the composition (number of ingredients, nitrites, fats, carbohydrates, salt), as well as the quantity of ham and cheese to be able to make its ranking. One of the pizzas stands out: that of Intermarché, because “it would have less sugar, salt and a low price” than other distributor brands. However, the magazine recalls that supermarket pizzas are “still a long way from Italy”.

The pizza marketed by Intermarché won the battle thanks to its private label Fiorini. At only 4.87 euros per kilo, it contains the lowest rate of ingredients (16), but also the best rate of carbohydrates and salts. Nevertheless, the magazine specifies that it is necessary to be careful with the comparisons between the ingredients of the pizzas: “The ham cheese pizzas studied contain a lot of added sugars and ingredients resulting from industrial processes”. Among the nine brands studied, pizzas from Auchan, Carrefour, E.Leclerc, and even Intermarché display diphosphate, “a stabilizing agent suspected of increasing cardiovascular risk, especially in kidney failure”. Sugar level is also an observed factor. The record belongs to Auchan with 4.4g/100g and the salt portions at Lidl, Sodebo and Picard go up to 1.7g/100g. In addition, all the pizzas analyzed contain nitrites. However, there are also good points, such as for example in terms of fat: “the references studied have reasonable quantities compared to other families of industrial products (cordons-bleus or knacks)”, we can read.

60 million consumers also observed the topping present in the different pizzas. The Sodebo and Picard brands, which are nevertheless the most expensive, are the least supplied. “All the pizzas studied have around 40% ham and cheese, with the exception of Picard and Sodebo”, the magazine tells us. Moreover, Picard is the brand that contains the lowest proportion of ham with only 12.4%. Sodebo, for its part, gives no indication of the content of ham and cheese in its pizzas. Bonus point for two brands: Auchan and Casino which are the only ones that indicate a ham of French origin.


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