her “very great romance” with Igor Bogdanoff, who disowned their son

Igor Bogdanoff had succumbed to the charm of Geneviève Grad. (Photo by Jack Burlot/Apis/Sygma/Sygma via Getty Images)

In “Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez”, a cult film rebroadcast this Friday July 29, 2022 on M6, Geneviève Grad plays Nicole, the somewhat rebellious daughter of the gendarme played by Louis de Funès. In real life, the actress shared a beautiful romance with Igor Bogdanoff, the recently deceased scientist. From their story was born a son, with whom the main interested party would however have decided to cut ties …

On January 3, 2022, Igor Bogdanoff died a few days after his brother. The two men succumbed after contracting Covid-19, at the age of 72. And if Grichka was never married and never had children, this was not the case of his twin brother. Igor Bogdanoff, father of six children, whom he had with three different women. And the first of these women is none other than Geneviève Grad, actress known for having played Nicole Cruchot in “Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez” and several sequels to the saga with Louis de Funès.

Video. Igor Bogdanoff: who is Geneviève Grad, the mother of his son Dimitri?

A romance in the 1970s

Both were 26 when they met. At the time, Geneviève Grad and Igor Bogdanoff had a real crush, while the actress was in a relationship with one of the friends of the scientific duo: Olivier de Montal. Their love story did not give rise to many declarations, but the actress agreed to mention it in the columns of the book “The Bogdanoff mystery”, written by Maud Guillaumin and published in 2019: “I lived a very beautiful and great passion with Igor Bogdanoff.”

After six years of love, Geneviève Grad gives birth to a child, Dimitri. A birth that will unfortunately sound the death knell for their love story, as she confided in the book dedicated to her ex: “He was unprepared for his new responsibilities as a father”, she regretted. However, their breakup did not prevent the two ex-lovers from remaining on good terms, since the actress collaborated with her former lover in the production of the show “Time X” in the 80s.

What relationship did Igor Bogdanoff have with his son?

Unfortunately, as in many old couples, the relationship between Geneviève Grad and Igor Bogdanoff ended up withering away. In “The mystery of the Bogdanoff”, she regrets: “Igor now refuses to consider [Dimitri] like his offspring”. A point of view that his ex did not share, since he had affirmed in the columns of Here Paris: “I see him little, but I love him very much. Dimitri looks like me and his little brother, Alexandre. I am very close to the big three and the little ones. I have good relationships with my exes. Transforming a relationship into a lasting friendship is fundamental.”

Dimitri, 46, meanwhile preferred to stay away from the spotlight, unlike his famous parents. No way for him to expose his private life or to speak to the media.

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