Her husband forbids her to go up to the attic after his death, his macabre discovery

Do you know what’s in your attic? Sometimes people we think we know very well surprise us. For this woman who lost her husband, the surprise was great ! Without further ado, Objeko tells you the story of a widow who made a shocking discovery after the death of her husband.

An attic to which Julie Gittoe has never had access…

Just before dying forever, Kevin made Julie Gittoe, his wife, promise not to go to the attic. But in the long term, this widow had to sort through the affairs of her deceased husband. When Kevin was still alive, this room above the house was reserved for him. Besides, he spent a lot of time there. But this so mysterious place, his wife finally found out. And surprise, he revealed another facet of this man!

Discovering what has been hiding in the attic for years has upset Julie. It must be said that the surprise was significant. In August 2021, this woman’s life completely changed. That day she discovered thatshe did not know her husband

Kevin died aged 69 from cancer. They were a happy and loving couple. They had several children together and were happy to enjoy their retirement before illness struck Kevin. Julie thought they shared everything, but she realized that a heavy secret had interfered between them.

…Until her husband dies

Shortly after Kevin’s death, Julie listed all of his belongings. She therefore had to go up to this famous attic to find out what her husband had been hiding from her for years. What was her surprise when she saw many cages in glass and showcases containing preserved animals!

“I was never allowed in the attic, but after losing Kevin I needed to do some work in the attic” she told the “British Mirror” before adding: “The house worker said to me, ‘Do you know there are a lot of boxes up there?’ They found 12 storefronts that I had no idea about”.

Stunned, Julie Gittoe did not expect this discovery at all. “I’m amazed that Kevin managed to have them there without me knowing. » she confided. According to the “British Mirror”, the garage was also filled withpreserved animals. A total of 150 have been listed in this piece.

A collection worth a fortune

In the attic and the garage, this secret collection contained a lion head dating from 1920. Perfectly preserved, it still had its teeth. Among the other finds: otters, a badger, an African antelope, a zebra, a rabbit and a hartebeest. In a large showcase, this collector had even installed red squirrelsa puppy and a woodpecker dating from 1860. Birds, fish, reptiles were also represented.

After discovering this collection likely to be worth a fortune, Julie Gittoe brought in an auctioneer who undertook to estimate it. The ‘British Mirror’ revealed that the collection was estimated at $10,000. Enough to make you want to take a little walk in the attic!

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