He proposes to an influencer in front of thousands of people at the Bal des Fous in Cannes

This is a marriage proposal that is really not trivial. Damien, the Nice companion of Leslie Dasc, will have had the patience to wait three years and the return of the Bal des fous to Cannes to make his official request to him in the middle of the dance floor on the Riviera terrace of the Palace, in front of thousands of witnesses in live live!

While the sound systems of this big open-air party were in full swing with techno house, the manager of La Baieta beach in Nice suddenly declared his love, tremolos in his voice, before kneeling down to offer Leslie a wedding ring. , whose tear beaded in the corner of his eye.

Parents of a little Chiara since February

It must also be said that the former reality TV candidate seems to have found her prince of love in Damien, since after four years of romance, they have been the happy parents of a little Chiara since February 17.

Leslie’s older sister, Elsa, had said yes to her companion Arthur in 2019, but the youngest of the family was content with a post on her Instagram account in 2020 to suggest the sacred union in these terms: “By dint of finishing bottles of champagne, I will have finally succeeded in being married before the end of the year”.

Nay! The pandemic has been there to put this project on stand-by. This was without counting the promise made by Mozart, organizer of the Bal des fous, to orchestrate this request as soon as the return of this summer event popular with thousands of partygoers from all over department 06.

And since disguise is a must, Damien and Leslie just have to put on their suit and wedding dress to be at the wedding! By the way, the theme of the crazy ball this Sunday? The fairy taleā€¦


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