He earns 4,200 euros for two a month, causing indignation by complaining that he cannot afford school supplies!

On the program Sept à Huit, a family provoked public outrage by explaining that they were struggling to pay for their children’s back-to-school supplies despite earning more than 4,000 euros a month.

However, not everything goes as planned since the young woman is tempted by the special offers on pens and other school accessories, which ultimately doubles the expected bill. It was then that the show pointed out to him that the family is not eligible for the back-to-school allowance, which has been increased this year. The latter is reserved for 3 million households among the most modest of France.


The cameraman then goes to Erika who confides in the difficulty of her situation. The young mother explains that she has been hit hard by inflation. She is marketing manager in an SME and is married to the manager of a fast food chain. The couple earns 4,200 euros net per month.

And yet, their bank account has plunged into the red several times this year attests to the voiceover of Seven to Eight. This explains why Erika decided to wear a particular attention to their school supply budget. To save money, the mother even asked her children to reuse some things from last year.

TF1 viewers were shocked that the family featured in the show earns a total of more than 4,000 euros per month. They felt that many families with a lower monthly budget would have deserved the same exposure on the Seven to Eight show.

The Seven to Eight cameras then follow Erika home and report that her family of three children has been hit hard by inflation. She is a marketing manager in an SME, her husband runs a fast food restaurant, they earn both 4200 euros net each month. And yet, their bank account has plunged into the red several times this year, indicates the voiceover of Seven to Eight.

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This explains why this year, Erika has decided to save on back-to-school supplies, and asks her children to reuse last year’s items. Shocked by this situationTF1 viewers are surprised that by earning more than 4,000 euros net per month, this family is struggling to make ends meet.

They criticize Seven to Eight for not really showing people in great difficulty, that is to say those who earn less than 4200 euros net per month. Some criticize this couple while others note that they are part of the middle class in France, the one who earns too much to benefit from allowances but not enough to resist inflation.

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