he comes out of the silence and delivers a major revelation

Between Harry Roselmack and his wife Chrislaine, it’s officially over. Saturday July 2, 2022, the very discreet couple announced their breakup on social networks.

First, it was Chrislaine who took to her Instagram account to post a message in her story. “01/09/2021 a date that marked my life. I am lucky to have found love, to create my family, to experience very beautiful things. But in life, the part of the unexpected finds its place. I have long thought about how to approach the subject or even how I will be able to find the words to announce such news“, wrote the actress, while wanting to remember the “beautiful years” Spent with Harry Roselmack. From their marriage celebrated in 2001 three children were born: two girls, Omaya born in 2007 and Yanaël born in 2008, and a boy Leroy born in 2010. “I lived very good years with the man of my life, but life was decidedly different. Today I announce my separation with my husband Harry Roselmack. I thank him for all he was, for all he is. I thank him for all these years. I thank him for our children, our jewels. I am proud to have been by his side all these years. A page turns. Life is still full of surprises, all that remains is to write the rest…“, added Chrislaine in his message.

A major turning point in 2017


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