“He became aggressive”: Jean-Luc Delarue terrible with his ex before his death, Elisabeth Bost tells

Ten years ago, on August 23, 2012, French television lost one of its strongest personalities: presenter Jean-Luc Delarue died at the age of 48 from stomach and peritoneal cancer, serious disease caused in particular by his numerous addictions to drugs, long remained secret from the eyes of the general public.

Addictions which were however difficult to live with for his entourage and in particular for his ex-wife Elisabeth Bost, mother of their son Jean, born in 2006. A few months after his death, she had also confided in the subject in a long interview Paris Match : “In the period when he was weaned, we had found pleasant relations around Jean and pacified. He sometimes went to dinner on Sundays, called from time to time… He had even admitted to me that he had understood that when I left him I had wanted to protect Jean.“. Before the presenter falls back into his dark periods: “Then he fell ill and everything changed. He became aggressive, everything was complicated“.

A mother sad for her little boy

So complicated, moreover, that the 48-year-old man, very ill, had left clear instructions: according to his relatives, he refused that his ex-wife be notified of his death, nor that she be there at his funeral. . An affront that the young woman has not forgotten, but that she regrets even more for little Jean, who was only 5 and a half years old. “No one warned us. I resent those who let a five-year-old boy prepare to kiss his dad, when the latter was, in fact, dead for more than 24 hours“, she had told in the same interview.

The latter, totally disinherited by the host, then embarked on a judicial crusade against Anissa, the last wife of Jean-Luc Delarue, whom she accused of having abused her position and in particular by publishing the memoirs posthumous of the man she had married in May, in a very worrying state of health.

The passages which concern us Jean and me are filthy“, she had judged in Paris Match. “How can a loving father dedicate a book to his son that basically says: Your mother is a whore chosen at random from my repertoire, and I never wanted to conceive you? I cannot accept that such a rag passes for the moral testament left to Jean by his dad”. A lost crusade, since the book was released in 2017.

Now dedicated to his teenager

Sad of these words used in the last book of the one she loved for many years, and which she attributes to drugs, she has in any case concentrated since on his own role with his son : “As a mother, I feared that my son would be more fragile, more vulnerable than other children. That this so young mourning takes away his self-confidence at the same time as his father. […] I stand by my son’s side to help him grow from lack, to build himself ‘with’ absence“, she said in her book.

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