Hawkeye’s Early Concept Art Has A Different Lucky Pizza Dog

Although quickly becoming a fan favorite of the series, new Hawk Eye Concept art shows a very different Lucky the Pizza Dog. The Marvel Cinematic Universe series draws inspiration primarily from Matt Fraction and David Aja Hawk Eye comic, in which Clint Barton struggled with deteriorating hearing and began training Kate Bishop to eventually return to the role of Hawkeye. The show centered on Jeremy Renner’s Clint as he tries to clean up Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate mess after digging up her Ronin costume and incurring the ire of her former enemies, ruining her Christmas vacation.

Alongside Renner and Steinfeld, the cast of Hawk Eye saw a mix of MCU veterans and newcomers, some of which included Alaqua Cox’s Echo, Tony Dalton’s Jack Duquesne, Linda Cardellini’s Laura Barton, Florence Pugh’s Yelena, Fra Fee’s Kazi, and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin . The MCU series premiered on Disney+ last November to mostly positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, with praise directed at the refreshing return of street-level heroism, action sequences and chemistry between Renner and Steinfeld. While those behind Hawk Eye sought to bring the best elements from Fraction and Aja’s comics, there was one thing that almost saw a major change.

Just over six months after the show ended, Wes Burt took to Instagram to share early Hawk Eye the concept art he was hired to create. The art shows both Renner’s titular hero and Steinfeld’s Kate quite battered as well as another Lucky the Pizza Dog, who is no longer a golden retriever and has both eyes. Check out the concept art below:

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In Fraction and Aja Hawk Eye comics, Lucky the Pizza Dog, originally named Arrow, turned out to be a pretty big part of Clint’s life, after saving the hero from one of Ivan Bainonis’ Tracksuit Mafia members shooting at him, which led to the man beating the dog and throwing him into traffic. Hawkeye would barely get to the dog in time and rush him to a veterinary hospital, where he would survive with multiple surgeries, but lose the use of his left eye, and be adopted by Clint and renamed Lucky, accompanying him. on a variety of his adventures. Lucky even had a problem with the Hawk Eye comic entirely about him, chronicling a day in his life as he helped the two Hawkeyes solve a murder and where he would find his own nickname Pizza Dog.

Although Lucky the Pizza Dog may not have held the same level of importance to the Hawk Eye the show’s plot, he quickly won the hearts of many viewers with his dazzling smile, missing left eye, and same affinity for pizza as his comedic counterpart. While some fans may find the Hawk Eye Concept art’s portrayal of Lucky is a disappointing departure from the comics, it’s worth noting that Burt explains that he drew the art before he got the scripts for the MCU series, which likely would have confirmed the continued of Fraction and Aja’s golden retriever breed. source material, which Burt sought to recreate in his art. Audiences can rewatch Lucky’s live-action debut with Hawk Eye streaming in its entirety on Disney+ now.

Source: Wes Burt/Instagram

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