Hauts-de-Seine. At the Chanteraines farm, two goats killed by pizza

Two goats from the Chanteraines educational farm (Hauts-de-Seine) died in August 2022, following unsuitable food given by visitors. (© Hauts-de-Seine Department)

Fries and pizzas with disastrous consequences. While educational farm of the park singers (Hauts-de-Seine) had to close its doors to protect the animals from the heat, it is again forced to prohibit access to the public, six days after its reopening. In question: the death of two goatsvictims of unsuitable food given by visitors in August 2022.

Incivility that led to the death of two goats

The two deceased goats had been fed by visitors who were unscrupulous about their diet and the risks to the animals. Crisps, fries and pizza had been given to them and caused their death.

The farm strictly prohibits visitors from feeding the animals. Incivility would have multiplied among visitors, according to the teams who deplored disrespectful behavior and recalled the rules of good conduct in a press release.

“The farm is not an amusement park”

“Farm animals deserve the greatest attention. They are not inert toys but living beings that should be respected. Feeding them inappropriately, riding them unceremoniously are inappropriate behaviors even if they often start from good intentions. Throwing stones or firecrackers at them or molesting them are criminally punishable abuses, ”he is reminded.

The Chanteraines farm, which carries out a mission of mediation towards a varied public, has therefore decided to close the farm to respect the well-being of the animals. The managers of the place have made an update on its educational vocation.

“The farm is not an amusement park. It is a place of peace and discovery, a place where the visitor must adapt to the constraints of life. All visitors must therefore be kind, attentive and vigilant towards the animals. »

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