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Halluin: cinema tickets for the Familia with Domino’s pizza

The Domino’s pizza franchise, which opened a few months ago on rue de Lille, offers a formula with a cinema ticket for the Familia.

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It was a great classic: cinema tickets offered with a menu. This principle is brought up to date, at the local level. Domino’s, the pizza specialist, which opened at the end of March on rue de Lille in Halluin, has been offering for a few days a formula which includes pizza, drink and cinema tickets in Halluin. ” We negotiated preferential rates “, explain Fouad and Redouane Bouchikhi, who opened the halluinoise franchise. In a formula at 12 euros, efforts have been made both by the brand and by the cinema to offer the place.

This offer is part of the desire of two brothers, originally from Tourcoing, ” to participate in local life, we want to participate in the social life of this city “, insists Redouane. They have already contributed to this by hiring people from Halluin or Roncq. With the additional advantage for these young recruits of already knowing the territory well.

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Fouad, who started as a delivery man to finance his studies in 2011 within the brand and who has climbed all the levels, recalls that the scope of action of a Domino’s which sells take-out and delivery , it’s 8 minutes for delivery people. With Belgium forbidden to them, and Bousbecque too rural for the safety of the deliverers, the new Domino’s halluinois serves the whole town of Halluin and the Roncquoise part up to the town centre.

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