GymKit: Apple launches an application for manufacturers

Could Apple be planning to give GymKit a boost? 9to5Mac reveals that Apple has now put an application called GymKit Certification online: this makes life easier for manufacturers of sports equipment wishing to integrate GymKit. The program is not listed on the Apple Store but is accessible via a direct link.

Screenshots of GymKit Certification.

GymKit is a still relatively unused API that serves as a communication gateway between an Apple Watch and a sports device (indoor bike, treadmill). It allows machine and watch data to be shared to provide users with more accurate information about their workout.


The Apple Watch runs without waiting GymKit

The description of the app explains that it allows you to test the pairing, connection and other key requirements of fitness equipment in order to integrate GymKit. According to the screenshots, it helps in managing NFC connectivity and monitoring data accuracy, among other things. It can also be used to identify bugs and resolve them more quickly.

The appearance of the program on the App Store a few hours from Keynote is enough to raise eyebrows. Will Apple announce anything new for GymKit tonight? It is likely that Apple distributed the App confidentially before, but this choice of date for a semi-public distribution is interesting. One can imagine that the Apple will increase its efforts to attract more manufacturers.


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