Gwen Stefani: Her very changed face, her fans have trouble recognizing her

Wait, who is this person?“, “For a minute I didn’t recognize her“, “Unrecognizable“, “Doesn’t look like Gwen Stefani, as far as I remember her“, “I wonder if it’s easy for Seth to talk to her while doing kind of nothing.“, “What happened to him ? Looks like Nicki Minaj’s stepsister“, “So much surgery I didn’t recognize her. What a pity.” Some have even gone so far as to compare her to the designer Donatella Versace, known for having abused cosmetic surgery.

Gwen Stefani has not yet reacted to the many questions from Internet users about her and there is little chance that she will. It must be said that the former member of the group No Doubt generally has little to do with what one may think of it. Right in her boots, the mom of Kingston, 16, Zuma, 14, and Apollo, 8, has everything she wants in both her professional and personal life. In a relationship with Blake Shelton since 2015 and their love at first sight in the American version of tele-hook The VoiceGwen Stefani officially became his wife in July 2021. And nothing seems to be able to bring the singer down from her cloud of happiness!

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