Google: Android will soon come to Apple and iOS

News hardware Google: Android will soon come to Apple and iOS

Google: Android will soon come to Apple and iOS The member of GAFAM has just unveiled a new development kit, which allows application developers to create bridges between Android and other operating systems.

Android applications soon on iOS?

In the world of smartphones, two operating systems dominate the market head and shoulders: on one side we have iOS from Apple and on the other Android from Google. If the war that exists between the two OS was created for the most part by fans of one and the other ecosystem, the two giants don’t really mess with each other.

Indeed, the latter frequently make small improvements here and there on their own but also sometimes borrow others from their competitors, without putting a spoke in the wheel. It’s actually a kind of virtuous circle, since they pull each other up and it is therefore the consumers who benefit. Whether it’s your smartphones, your tablets, your computers and even your connected cars, everything today is more or less linked to an operating system.

Different ecosystems therefore which do not or hardly communicate with each other directly, which can sometimes pose some problems for users with, for example, an iPhone and an Android tablet. But that could soon change if the latest Google I/O 2022 conference is to be believed. The Mountain View company has indeed presented a preview of its Cross Device SDK Developer, a system that could allow Android applications to communicate and interact more in depth with applications on iOS or Windows. – rarer these days.

This multi-device SDK for developers is therefore there to allow them to improve the cross-device experience for users with a set of APIs (= application programming interface). The main idea of ​​the project is to create pleasant user experiences and connect these experiences in different ways.

In the idea, all this will allow application developers to enable and simplify the following use cases:

  • Discover and allow communication with nearby devices
  • Share the current state of an app with the same app on another device
  • Start the app on a secondary device without having to leave the app running in the background
  • Establish secure connections for devices to communicate with each other
  • Enabling task forwarding where the user starts a task on one device and can easily continue on another device

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For all this to work, the SDK takes advantage of wireless technologies like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, while doing the work underwater, that is, without you being aware of it. Rest assured, the latter will not have to declare or request authorizations each time you want to switch from one device to another. The user can also authorize applications to connect only to selected devices. This multi-device SDK is already available for developers on Android smartphones and tablets and will soon be available for other devices running on other operating systems.

Source : Android Developers Blog

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