Gironde. Nicolas Duchemann opens the Le Duc pizzeria in Podensac

Nicolas Duchemann opened his pizzeria “Le Duc” in Podensac on April 12, 2022. (©The Republican)

A brand new kiosk, a boss with a neat hairstyle and beard, a well-ironed shirt, a bow tie as an emblem : it could well be that Le Duc will become the most elegant pizzeria in the South of Gironde.

An experienced pizza maker

Since April 12, opening date of his pizzeria, Nicolas Duchemann, 32 and from Reunion Island, did not skimp on the small details. The 30-year-old looks back on his personal journey which led him to the stoves of his orange and gray kiosk.

I studied real estate. But I wanted to get back into working life as quickly as possible so I found a job at Pizza Roma, in Saint-Médard-en-Jalles, then at La Boîte à Pizza, in Pessac.

Nicholas DuchemannManager of Le Duc pizzeria

Then barely 20 years old, the Reunionese enjoyed the responsibilities entrusted to him. Young team manager, Nicolas move up the ladder quickly and became the manager of the Kiosque à Pizza de Beautiran, from 2012 to December 2021.

It was during this period that I was able to make myself a clientele in South-Gironde while continuing to train myself in pizza.

Nicholas DuchemannManager of Le Duc pizzeria

After this decade in the land of Beautira, the one who “likes to manage his time and his work himself” decides to take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

For two years, I looked for a location, says Nicolas. I came across this kiosk in Podensac. Samir Zammoum, the former manager of Pizz’adishatz, was looking to sell. It was perfect for me.

Nicholas Duchemann

The advantages of the kiosk

Clearly visible from the D1113 which runs along the Super U of Podensac, the Le Duc kiosk combines the advantages.

To work alone, it is ideal. Everything is optimized to avoid travel and therefore loss of time. I have everything at my fingertips.

Nicholas DuchemannManager of Le Duc pizzeria

Refrigerated spaces to store the various ingredients, pizza ovens, sink, air conditioning, work tools, cardboard boxes, fridge for drinks… everything is cleverly arranged in a few square meters.

Logistics that allows the boss to have “a low payroll”. Nicholas has hired a person on a permanent contract : Sabrina Larrieu.

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“In addition to the interesting visibility from the road, I am surrounded by many shops in the commercial area,” adds the pizza maker.

32 pizzas on the menu

From the traditional Margherita, Reine and Calzone to the more gourmet Tartiflette, Magret and Basque, 32 pizzas make up Nicolas Duchemann’s menu.

My pizzas can be ordered small (29 cm) or large (33 cm). Prices range from €7 to €16.50. There is something for all wallets and all tastes. A loyalty card allows you to have a pizza offered after ten purchased.

Nicholas DuchemannManager of Le Duc pizzeria

And when he talks about his creations, the young boss defends craftsmanship:

I make my pizza dough myself, kneaded by hand, with quality flour, olive oil and salt.

Nicholas Duchemann

From his kiosk, “thin dough” pizzas are born. The man with the bow tie admits to having a weakness for La Duchesse (Fresh cream, olives, duck breast, bacon, goat cheese, honey) and Le Duc (Tomato sauce, olives, ham, bacon, chorizo, merguez, Sakari sauce).

Pizzeria Le Duc, Super U car park, Podensac. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Closed Sunday noon. Orders at Website:

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