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A teenage girl screaming in the ear of a boy, who is looking particularly jaded… This photograph has been hijacked countless times on the internet: it has become a meme. Here is his story.

The Internet is a very curious place. A photo can sleep quietly there for more than four years, before being shared by millions of users, without anyone knowing why or how. That’s what happened to this shot where we see a teenager screaming in the ear of a young man… Who looks jaded, as if the conversation bored him. An innocuous image, but one that delights jokers on social networks like Twitter, and even some American politicians or brands, who have taken the photo. It has become a meme, a photograph that turns around at will, on the internet. And, magic of the web, the teenager in the photo was found by the Know Your Meme website, as explained by the American television channel NBC News, Friday August 19, 2022.

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A photo taken in Argentina in 2018

The teenager is called Denise Sanchez, she is Argentinian. The meme that is taken from the photo is called “ girl explaining (“The girl who explains”, in French). And it was during a concert in Buenos Aires that the image was captured, in 2018.

The young man to her left was her then-boyfriend, named Alfre, and she was not annoying him, contrary to what the boy’s expression seems to suggest… She was rather singing a song from cumbia, a genre of traditional Colombian music, she tells Know Your Meme.

“Toxic Girlfriend”

The fame she obtained thanks to this shot, Argentina did not expect. However, from 2019, the Spanish-speaking community of Twitter took over the photo. The teenager then receives a lot of attention. “A newspaper wrote an article about me, lots of people followed me on Instagram, and people wrote to me asking how the photo was taken,” she continues. But in a second time, the feedback is much less positive: “I was treated like a toxic girlfriend,” she explains. Because of her boyfriend’s expression.

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The Anglophone and Francophone communities have taken hold of the meme for the past two weeks and Denise Sanchez explained that she had not even realized this new craze. She also indicated that, since then, she had found this diversion very funny…

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