Germany: Taken by a furious desire for pizza, he blocks a train


GermanySeized by a furious desire for pizza, he blocks a train

A starving young German prevented the door of a carriage from closing until his meal was delivered to him at Fulda station. Which is likely to cost him much more than a four-season.

A quarter of an hour late for pizzas: the bill will be steep for a young German.

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On board a train bound for Munich, on the night of Sunday to Monday, a 23-year-old young man had a craving. He had the idea of ​​ordering pizzas for his four friends and himself, to be delivered a little later to Fulda station, in the Land of Hesse. However, the timing was not perfect and the pizzas were a little late.

Suddenly, the young Bavarian did not want to lose his order and decided to block the doors of the train, despite the intervention of the staff of Deutsche Bahn. It was not until the delivery service reached track 4 at Fulda station that the young man released the door.

Expelled from the train

The convoy had to wait nearly a quarter of an hour before being able to continue its journey. But without the hungry passengers. The federal police have also initiated proceedings against the main disruptor and Deutsche Bahn, it has noted the facts with a certain humor, like its tweet: Quattro Endstagioni.


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