Gérard Depardieu: His granddaughter reveals a moving photo of his deceased parents, Guillaume and Elise

As a caption to the snapshot she posted, the 21-year-old simply put a heart emoji. The photograph speaks for itself, showing Elise Ventre and Guillaume Depardieu simply beaming. Louise Depardieu, an apprentice actress and model, had already unveiled a moving image of her mother last year. To have him close to her forever, she hadn’t hesitated to get the inscription Sorting on her arm. She had assured that her mother would have been happy but had been careful not to explain the meaning of this enigmatic message.

It was Louise herself who announced the sudden death of her mother at the age of 47 on social networks: “It’s going to be hard life without you and dad, you don’t make it easy for me but I know you’ll always be there no matter what. God knows how much we loved each other. You are irreplaceable. You will never be forgotten. You will always live in me. I hope you will watch over me from up there. I hope I will make you proud. I hope you will give me signs of your presence. I know it. You are engraved in my heart. Thank you for giving me life.” Elise Ventre married Guillaume Depardieu in December 1999. Together, they had Louise in 2001, before divorcing in 2006.

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