Genshin Impact x Pizza Hut: Police shut down crowded restaurant

In China, the popularity of Genshin Impact is such that miHoyo’s game us XXL collaborations with major commercial brands. Recently, the Chinese branch of the Pizza Hut brand has won a rather extensive partnership with Genshin Impact. On site, the crossover takes on unexpected proportions, so much so that local police recently forced a Pizza Hut restaurant to shut down for a few hoursuntil the crowd of excited fans calms down and disperses.

Dangerous crowd movements, especially in times of Covid

In addition to the usual customers of the pizzeria, Genshin Impact fans came in large numbers to attack Pizza Hut restaurants in certain provinces. Result: the police were forced to close the signs in the face of the influx of customers. Indeed, since the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic, the Chinese authorities have been particularly attentive to crowd movements and gatherings in public places. Already, during the collaboration between Genshin Impact and KFC, several restaurants had been temporarily closed for similar reasons.

Genshin Impact

An unimaginable collaboration in Europe

If this partnership between Genshin Impact and Pizza Hut is so much talked about, it is also because it pushes the limits of ordinary commercial collaborations.

In China, some waitresses actually wear Eula cosplays! Added to this are the new designs for menus, window displays, etc. This is a collaboration that will most certainly remain limited to China, and if it ever materializes in Europe, it will probably be under a very different form.

Genshin Impact is about to blow out its second candle at the end of the month, but under its festive exterior, the event will be under tension. The community, disappointed by the first anniversary of the game, had practiced a very aggressive reviewbombing of miHoyo’s flagship game.

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